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Time Management - A New Look

What did you achieve yesterday? What have you achieved today? Tomorrow never comes...

It has been said that the study of time management has been done to death. Jo shows why this is not true by taking a new look at how to balance the conflicting demands upon our time. She also shows why it was once such a popular topic - because it is so important!

The seminar looks at managing priorities, goal setting, task orientation, maintaining balance and control, effective meeting management, delegation and deadlines. Giving a systematic approach to utilizing your time efficiently and effectively can bring clear measurable benefits both in terms of output and reduced stress levels (for you and your colleagues!)

An informative day with lots of practical tips the course aims to help participants take control of their lives. They will learn how to identify their time blocks which are the main source of where they lose time and which can be a source of stress. By the end of the day the participants will have gained insights into achieving more in less time and with less stress and how to balance career and business goals, family needs and personal values.