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The Effective Telephonist / Receptionist

"You have only one chance to create a first impression."

The first contact people have with your organization will lay the foundations of any future relationship. Because of this your company may be judged by the impressions customers and potential customers gain of your reception and telephone staff. Often comparatively low in the hierarchy of an organization's payroll these people may have more contact and, in that respect, be more important than the company director or accountant. Never underestimate how important their roles are.

The course covers first impressions (you and your reception area); the importance of the receptionist / telephonist's role; effective listening and communication (verbal and non-verbal); the visitor and customer profile; dealing with negative situations and complaints; telephone skills and tips on how to use them to the best advantage. An enjoyable and really useful day, this course is for all telephonists and receptionists who have the important task of creating that 'First Impression' of a professional image.