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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Asked to rank their greatest fears, a group of college students put death at number seven and speaking before a group as number one!

This course discusses the role of 'nerves' or fear and the part they play in inhibiting our performance in front of a group of people. It does not aim to eliminate entirely the stress involved - as Lord Mancroft once commented 'Without nerves nobody ever made a good speech.' The aim of the course is to seek to reduce such nerves to a manageable level and take advantage of those positive aspects of being keyed up that help us to perform even better than usual.

The course covers key tips and techniques not only on improving performance and delivery but also on how to (and when to) inter-act with an audience. These tips include how to cope with 'drying up' and with awkward or difficult audiences but points out that in the vast majority of cases the audience is actually wanting us to perform well. By the end of the day partcipants will have learned, in a non-threatening environment, the real secrets behind a good and effective presentation.