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Customer Care

Customers are the life blood of any organization and any contact with existing or potential customers is vital to the success of the company. Research has shown that only 10% of dissatisfied customers complain directly to the organization, but, nearly 100% of those customers will pass on their dissatisfaction to others. Direct referrals from satisfied customers are an important part of an organization's business base. In a service-based organization this may even be a primary source of new business. Consequently any staff who have contact with existing or potential customers are a crucial factor in determining the success of the company for whom they work.

This seminar will focus on all aspects of contact with customers both verbal and non-verbal, face to face, on the telephone and by written communication (including e-mails). How to create a welcoming, positive, professional and competent image; how to deal with negative situations and people; dealing with complaints and promoting a positive image.