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Confident Speaking for Women

A one day course for women who want to enhance their communication and public speaking skills. The course looks at confidence and self-esteem and the relationship between those and how we interact with others. It examines the blocks and fears which inhibit our ability to speak in public and gives practical tips which help overcome nerves and enable us to perform and become effective communicators. The course covers one-to-one communication as well as group meetings and presentations to larger audiences. The course examines different types of behaviour and introduces participants to tried and tested techniques and strategies for adopting a more confident demeanour.

Advanced Confident Speaking for Women

This is a follow up to the introductory course above and further develops the skills, techniques and insights. It offers more in-depth awareness of human development and its affect on our ability to acquire self-confidence and project it in our working and personal relationships. Participants will be encouraged to make a short presentation on the day.